• September 6, 2017

Visual IQ Launches Marketing Intelligence Platform

Visual IQ, a provider of marketing intelligence software, unveiled its Marketing Intelligence Platform, a solution that combines audience demographic and behavioral attributes with tactical marketing performance within a single user interface. By providing a holistic, real-time view of marketing and advertising performance in the context of key audiences, the platform enables companies to discover their best-performing marketing.

The launch marks the completion of Visual IQ's acquisition of Refined Labs, the German attribution and customer journey analytics provider.

Visual IQ's Marketing Intelligence Platform unifies people-based insight with multi-touch attribution so marketers can optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience segments with a clear understanding of consumer attributes and how audiences interact with their brands across digital, mobile, and physical environments.

"For marketers, the task of understanding the end-to-end consumer journey and optimizing connections with customers and prospects is more complex than ever. Relevance is everything, and marketing tactics must be tailored to different audiences based on where they are in their journey," said Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder of Visual IQ, in a statement. "By tying marketing performance to audience, our platform provides unprecedented real-time insight into the tactics and experiences that are resonating with different audiences. Marketers can use this insight to optimize spend within and across channels to drive conversions, retention, lifetime value and other meaningful business results."

Key components of the platform include the following:

  • An open architecture that integrates with other systems to provide a single source of marketing truth. Leveraging Visual IQ's partnerships with top-tier technology and data providers such as Adobe, Facebook, LiveRamp, and Lotame, marketers can integrate cross-device data, audience data, Facebook ad impressions, offline impressions, KPIs, and more.
  • Robust audience data for analyzing marketing and media tactics with customer and prospect attributes. The platform de-duplicates individuals across channels, devices, and online-to-offline environments and links those anonymous, unique IDs with demographic, intent, interest, and other audience attribute data. These consumer profiles are integrated with multitouch attribution (MTA) to provide a comprehensive view of the consumer journey and a clear understanding of which tactics and experiences are most effective for each audience.
  • Flexible attribution approaches for measuring all types of marketing and advertising against specific criteria. The platform enables marketers to collect and de-duplicate marketing performance and cost data from all channels and devices. Once collected, marketers can define their own MTA models or use Visual IQ's algorithmic TrueAttribution model to measure the influence of every channel and tactic on a given criteria by audience type. Marketers can also add Marketing Mix Modeling for strategic budget allocation recommendations, as well as TV Attribution for understanding TV's impact on digital responses.
  • Activation capabilities for predicting performance and taking immediate action on insights. Marketers can use the platform's predictive analytics capabilities to forecast performance against different marketing objectives, and leverage its native bid management capabilities and RTB integrations to automatically expedite insight to action.

Several Visual IQ customers, including Lamps Plus, are already benefiting from the platform.

"Our customers can shop with us in several different ways, including our website, call center, in-store kiosks, or in one of our retail stores," said Angela Hsu, senior vice president of internet business and marketing at Lamps Plus, in a statement. "As a leading lighting and home furnishings multichannel retailer, we needed a platform that would provide clarity into how our marketing influences customers' path to purchase, while accounting for our multiple transaction channels. Our partnership with Visual IQ puts us in a better position to understand the complex consumer journey and optimize our spend across all touchpoints to drive customer acquisition and retention."

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