• December 21, 2017

Vistar Media and LiveRamp Partner for First-Party Data Targeting in Digital Out-of-Home

Vistar Media, a geospatial technology company, and LiveRamp, an Acxiom company that provides omnichannel identity resolution, today announced a partnership that provides marketers with highly granular and scalable audience targeting capabilities for digital out-of-home (DOOH) media.

Through this partnership, Vistar and LiveRamp will support first-party audience targeting, enabling marketers to extend the same audiences they target online and in mobile to the offline world, through DOOH media.

Through LiveRamp's IdentityLink, Vistar can create an affinity map of marketers' first-party audiences' real-world movement patterns, using its geotemporal technology platform. Vistar can then activate OOH media based on those movement patterns.

"Seamless first-party data targeting moves digital out-of-home a huge step forward toward being fully integrated into omnichannel strategies," said Garrett Dale, senior vice president of optimization and innovation at Kepler, one of the first agencies to use the partnership, in a statement. "Easily activating these audiences across additional channels gives us the ability to comprehensively reach target audiences with precision, scale and impact."

"Marketers seek to engage customers throughout their journey, and the capabilities of this partnership with Vistar address what has been a major gap," said Paul Turner, LiveRamp's vice president of platforms, in a statement. "Bringing the benefits of identity resolution to out-of-home experiences with display, social, and other digital interactions is a significant advancement for marketers."

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