• May 20, 2014

Vindico Launches MatchPoint to Strengthen Relationships Between Brands and Customers

Ad management platform provider Vindico today launched MatchPoint, a tool that allows advertisers to onboard their offline customer databases into addressable online audiences. MatchPoint matches existing customer bases against 1 billion consumer profiles aggregated via proprietary first-party data and draws advanced insights for brands to connect with their customers.

Accessible through Vindico Bid Manager (VBM), MatchPoint matches the client's first-party data to Vindico proprietary first-party data in real time, making the matched data immediately available to target against for new ad campaigns. This enables advertisers to onboard their offline databases and create unique ad campaigns targeted to those audiences within a single interface. MatchPoint does not limit campaigns to a single publisher platform; advertisers can target their customers across the open Web on all devices and formats.

Additionally, by providing demographic and psychographic information about an advertiser's existing customer list, MatchPoint produces an in-depth analysis of the brand's consumers. This actionable data can immediately be used for current or future campaigns.

Key features of MatchPoint include the following:

  • Real-time matching of a brand's offline customer data into addressable online audiences;
  • Deep audience insights into additional self-declared data points only available from Vindico's proprietary first-party data; and
  • A single, independent platform to onboard offline customer data, append additional audience insights, create personalized messages, and target campaigns via a programmatic buying interface.

"Brands need to tell the right message to the right customer at the right time. Only in the digital world can this be done with a high degree of certainty," said Matt Timothy, president of Vindico, in a statement. "MatchPoint gives marketers the ability to onboard their offline customer data into addressable online audiences in real time. Vindico is the only independent platform that allows marketers to do this within a single interface across the entire open Web."

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