• May 15, 2019

Veeva Adds AI to CRM and Commercial Cloud

Veeva Systems  has introduced several artidficial intelligence capabilities to its Veeva Commercial Cloud, Veeva CRM, and Veeva Vault PromoMats solutions.

Intelligent capabilities and solutions now part of Veeva’s product portfolio include the following:

  • Veeva Andi, an AI-powered assistant, embeds tailored insights and suggestions right in Veeva CRM. As part of the Veeva CRM Suite, Andi discovers relevant customer insights, proactively suggests the next-best action, and gets smarter with every action, learning from a range of data, including rep feedback and customer response. When used with Customer Journeys, a new capability in Veeva CRM to better target and manage customers through stages of an adoption lifecycle, Andi helps companies drive the best actions at the right customer stages.
  • Veeva CRM Approved Notes, which leverages AI to help field reps capture free text notes in Veeva CRM and detect potential compliance risks, such as off-label messaging.
  • Veeva Vault Auto Claims Linking, an addition to Veeva Vault PromoMats that will help improve speed and compliance of content development. Vault Auto Claims Linking uses AI to suggest links from claims to related references.
  • Veeva CRM Approved Messaging will open up new digital channels for reps to engage in relevant, timely interactions with healthcare professionals. Companies can use messaging applications, including WhatsApp and WeChat, to send compliant messages to customers through any mobile device. 
  • Veeva Autosync, which ensures all information is consistent across all devices. Activity, customer, and product data will automatically synchronize and always be available from any Apple and Windows phone, tablet, and laptop. With advanced mobile innovations in Veeva CRM, field teams can access the information they need for improved execution and productivity.

"Veeva is empowering the life sciences industry to fully leverage AI and provide the best customer experiences," said Peter Gassner, founder and CEO of Veeva, in a statement. "Veeva Andi gives Veeva customers an open and easy-to-use AI application that provides full control to deliver intelligence and insights with greater speed and agility."

"We are committed to helping the industry drive the most efficient and effective customer engagement with the right commercial foundation powered by AI," said Paul Shawah, senior vice president of commercial strategy at Veeva, in a statement. "Veeva Commercial Cloud helps companies advance their commercial strategies and drive smarter, compliant interactions with the right customers in the right channels."

"We continue to deliver industry-first capabilities that help companies provide the best customer experience with Veeva CRM," said Arno Sosna, general manager of Veeva CRM, in a statement. "With rich note-taking in Veeva CRM Approved Notes and the ability for reps to send personalized messages with Veeva CRM Approved Messaging, organizations can build better customer relationships and remain compliant with every interaction."

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