• July 29, 2020

V12 Launches Active Shopper Attributes

V12, a provider of purchase intent insight and marketing services, has launched Active Shopper Attributes, part of its ConsumerPlus data asset and powered by V12 Signals in-market technology. Companies can use the attributes to reach consumers who have a high propensity to purchase within the next 90 days.

"Most data compilers are using sources, such as legacy magazine subscription data, Whitepages data, and survey data, to create their data attributes and demographics. In comparison, our active shopper attributes are built using actual, in-market shopping activity and are, therefore, much more predictive than data sets using historical data," said Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, in a statement.

V12's Active Shopper Attributes combine V12 Signals purchase intent data with V12's machine learning platforms to create audiences at mass-scale. They are the newest addition to the ConsumerPlus dataset, with information about more than 260 million consumers. Available for omnichannel deployment across direct mail, email, display and social, these audiences outperform typical audiences using historical behavior by up to 20 percent, according to the company.

"Marketers today need to be savvier and more sophisticated than their competitors to boost business growth," said Anders Ekman, president of V12, in a statement. "By prioritizing consumers who show a high propensity to purchase, brands can significantly increase ROI and conversions. We are thrilled to offer our active shopper attributes as a highly complementary addition to our industry-leading ConsumerPlus data set."

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