• June 16, 2015

UserVoice Launches UserVoice 3.0

UserVoice has launched UserVoice 3.0, a major expansion of its product management platform that enables product teams to collect, analyze, manage, and act on customer feedback across a variety of channels and build roadmaps. Specifically, UserVoice 3.0 brings a whole new suite of tools to help product managers prioritize roadmap decisions using data about customer preferences and individual traits.

UserVoice 3.0's core functionality, SmartVote, allows teams to prioritize features and make decisions using statistically significant data related to customer demand, revenue, and return on investment. Product teams can now test the best internally-generated ideas against user-submitted ones using single-question surveys.

UserVoice 3.0 also supports the growing number of customers in mid-market and enterprise companies. New features allow product teams to better manage and understand their data at scale. Customized Views and Notifications allow members of larger product teams to stay on top of their portion of the product without being overwhelmed by information only relevant to other groups. Advanced Trend Reporting lets product managers bring hot or trending ideas to the top of the discussion.

UserVoice 3.0 allows users to do the following:

  • Create comparison tests that use statistical analysis to rank end user preferences;
  • Prioritize user-submitted and internally generated product ideas with a single question survey;
  • Determine feature importance for target end user segments;
  • Provide relevant content and catch critical end user activity;
  • Review, manage, and respond to a greater number of ideas;
  • Increase the signal-to-noise ratio in a team or more established product;
  • Evaluate the relative importance of an idea by comparing to past performers;
  • Evaluate whether ideas and user concerns that have existed for a while are still relevant; and
  • Understand whether user desire for an idea or new feature is increasing or decreasing.

"UserVoice 3.0 simplifies the complex job of today's enterprise product manager by consolidating the tools necessary to collect, prioritize, and act on customer feedback in one single platform," said Richard White, CEO and founder of UserVoice, in a statement. "We're transforming the art of product management into a science, and this release demonstrates our commitment to building a platform that gives modern product teams the tools to make decisions based on data and not intuition."

Pricing for UserVoice 3.0 starts at $499 per month for companies with a single product and up to 10,000 end users.

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