• October 9, 2020

Upfluence and Klaviyo Partner on Influencer Marketing

Upfluence Software, a cloud-based social media influencer management platform provider, now integrates with the Klaviyo marketing platform. The new partnership combines data points from Upfluence to enrich customer communication for ecommerce companies.

Upfluence's free integration with Klaviyo boosts ecommerce marketing processes by improving insight and targeting. With more than 4 million influencers in its database, Upfluence helps companies identify their more influential customers, engage them through advanced affiliation programs, and track results.

The partnership between Upfluence and Klaviyo helps companies do the following

  • Import influencer data points from the Upfluence database and then send influencers captured with Upfluence Live Capture directly to lists in their Klaviyo accounts;
  • Use Upfluence's advanced segmentation to identify their most influential customers and create new audience segments, automated mailing flows, and automated campaigns;
  • Enrich customer profiles with social data and use these insights to personalize Klaviyo marketing; and
  • Identify their most influential customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.

"Our seamless integration with Klaviyo delivers powerful segmentation and unprecedented personalized targeting to ecommerce brands seeking to maximize marketing communications that are truly transformative and redefines demographic targeting," said Upfluence CEO Kevin Creusy in a statement. "We continue to partner with the world's leading ecommerce solutions in order to bring online brands the absolute best influencer marketing where data is key for audience targeting. Our integrations offer data-driven customer and visitor insight like never before."

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