• January 25, 2016

UnsubCentral Launches Preference Center for Email Marketing

UnsubCentral today launched the Preference Center, enabling companies to proactively allow customers to establish their own cadence with email marketing frequency and topic, with the goal of reducing the number of email subscriber opt-outs.

According to Smarter Insights, .27 percent of all email recipients per send opt out of further email from the company.

Available on the completely re-architected UnsubCentral platform, Preference Center will allow email consumers to choose when and what they receive to their inboxes. This will allow advertisers to retain subscribers by giving them the option of opting down rather than unsubscribing altogether. In addition, advertisers will gain valuable new insights about audience preferences.

"This is just the latest feature in the new UnsubCentral, as we continue to roll out new ways to help Fortune 2000 companies leverage the proven, effective email channel to engage with their target consumers," said Todd Boullion, general manager of UnsubCentral, in a statement. "We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact the new Preference Center will have on decreasing email opt-out rates and increasing subscriber retention."

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