• January 25, 2024

Typeface Launches Multimodal AI Content Hub, Acquires TensorTour

Typeface, providers of a generative artificial intelligence platform for enterprise content creation, has released its Multimodal Content Hub. The company also announced the acquisition of TensorTour, integrating its advanced AI algorithms, domain-specific models, and deep expertise in multimedia AI content, such as video, audio, and more.

Additionally, Typeface's Blend AI, which already leverages AI platforms from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and more, is now broadening its partner ecosystem with new integrations.

"Enterprises are eager to adopt new mediums with generative AI that understand their unique brand, data, and industry. Our acquisition of TensorTour deepens our expertise in new storytelling mediums and domain-specific AI models and workflows. Coupled with the significant expansion of Typeface's Multimodal Content Hub and growing partner ecosystem, we're investing in cutting-edge technology and world-class talent to stay at the forefront of AI innovation to create entirely new, data-enriched content workflows integrated across the entire enterprise fabric," said Abhay Parasnis, founder and CEO of Typeface, in a statement.

Among the latest innovations from Typeface are the following:

  • Typeface Blend, which allows businesses to translate their brand elements across various media into personalized AI content, now auto-extracts brand voice and tone from existing content and online channels.
  • Audiences, which allows companies to save global audience profiles within Typeface and integrate with customer data platforms to import predefined segments and craft on-brand and audience-specific content at scale.
  • Blend Copilot, an AI creative assistant that streamlines content creation and refinement and enables users to express their desired outcomes in natural language and receive tailored suggestions grounded in their company content and data.
  • Magic Prompt, which allows users to input basic text prompts, and Typeface auto-enriches the outputs using image generation techniques.
  • Graph Search, which retrieves relevant images based on simple language queries, understanding image content beyond manual metadata tagging.
  • Feeds, which enable rapid, large-scale campaign generation from a single goal to accelerate content delivery across multiple platforms. Feeds leverages Typeface's Blend Copilot to further refine AI-curated content.
  • Safe, to detect and filter sensitive content, upholding high standards of content safety and brand integrity.

Typeface's acquisition of TensorTour accelerates its multimodal AI roadmap and video and domain-specific AI workflows. It integrates TensorTour's advanced AI algorithms and models, specifically in e-commerce and marketing, along with their deep machine learning and AI expertise in creating multimedia AI content, such as video, audio, and 3D.

"Right from the beginning, there was a strong vision alignment, and it was clear that by joining forces, we can truly deliver category-defining AI solutions for our customers," said Gaurav Sharma, founder and CEO of TensorTour, in a statement. "By merging TensorTour's specialized AI data sets and models with Typeface's brand personalization and enterprise scale, we can build a deep technological foundation tailored specifically for each enterprise and domain."

The new Typeface Hub, built on top of Typeface Blend and Graph, unites personalized, multimodal AI with enterprise data and workflows to power a vast, interconnected partner ecosystem. Typeface Connect allows customers and partners to integrate data-driven brand storytelling into other systems and applications.

Key offerings include the following:

  • Embed SDK to seamlessly integrate Typeface into business and productivity applications and platforms.
  • Open platform with APIs that enable organizations to embed or extend Typeface's AI-generated content and storytelling tools into their own systems and applications.
  • Data and workflow connectors that will bring business and audience data from hundreds of applications directly into Typeface Graph. This will drive real-time integration of data into Typeface Graph while integrating Typeface's personalized content within a diverse range of enterprise workflows.

Typeface and ActionIQ, an enterprise customer data platform provider, also today announced a partnership that merges ActionIQ's in-depth audience and product insights with Typeface's personalized content engine, so companies can now tailor content precisely across all ActionIQ audience segments in one end-to-end workflow.

    "ActionIQ's platform is making it easier for marketers to use their customer data and enhance customer experiences with its modern customer data stack. Our partnership with Typeface propels this mission forward, merging our audience insights with Typeface's brand and audience-personalized AI content to help businesses unlock one-to-one personalized customer experiences on a massive scale," said Nitay Joffe, founder and chief technology officer of ActionIQ, in a statement.

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