• May 11, 2021

Truthify Receives Patent for Emotion-Optimized Advertising

Truthify, providers of a mobile video platform to analyze consumer emotions in real time, has received a U.S. patent for its emotion-optimized advertising technology.

The technology, called Emotion-Optimized Journeys, uses emotion artificial intelligence to determine the emotional reaction of viewers to video advertisements and provide a custom next action based on their reactions. The technology requires consumers to opt in. In addition, the Truthify technology is bot-proof, its design necessitating authenticated people and interactions.

The technology, covered under U.S. Patent No. 10,990,166, can be used to increase post-viewing engagement with customized calls-to-action, with conversion rates in pilot testing reaching 81 percent. Content creators or advertisers can choose up to seven journeys based on seven emotional reactions currently captured by Emotion AI.

"The problem we aimed to solve was how to increase conversions for advertisers in an environment with ever-increasing data privacy concerns," said Justin Wisz, Truthify's CEO, in a statement. "We designed Emotion-Optimized Journeys to improve the user experience and significantly improve the results for the video sponsor while removing any need for facial recognition or recording. The result is a personalized and private experience for consumers and higher conversions and advanced insights for advertisers."

Truthify's solution can be used in both mobile and web-based applications.

"Ninety percent of all decisions are based on emotion, not information," Wisz said. "Advertisers can now ensure the most appropriate content is shared with the viewer based on emotional reaction to content, not just demographics."

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