• January 27, 2016

TrustSphere Releases LinksWithin

TrustSphere, a provider of relationship analytics, today launched LinksWithin, a search and intelligence capability that uses TrustSphere's Relationship Analytics platform to distinguish between mere connections and actual business relationships.

With LinksWithin, individuals can now leverage the power of their own organizations' existing social networks to determine the most relevant connection points from within their companies who have existing, active relationships with external companies. Using proprietary algorithms, LinksWithin determines which employees are the most effective connection points to that company by identifying and scoring every relationship that companies have through the analysis of corporate communication activity. It continuously determines the strength of these relationships, doing so without ever reviewing message content or any personal data.

"Relationships are among a company's most valuable asset, yet often remain hard to leverage. With LinksWithin, organizations can unlock the power of their combined relationship network to enable more effective social selling, better customer engagement, and increased cross-selling. It is also particularly useful in realizing synergies during mergers and acquisitions. LinksWithin helps employees eliminate the guesswork when prospecting and provides the ability to use their organization's strongest relationships to everyone's advantage. While social networking sites are great at helping people collect connections, they are less effective at determining who has relationships. By analyzing objective data sources available to a company, LinksWithin helps transform the sales process and improve team-based selling," said TrustSphere CEO Manish Goel in a statement.

LinksWithin can be accessed via the TrustSphere mobile application. TrustSphere is also making LinksWithin available via technology partners, including IBM, Riva, and SugarCRM, who have integrated this product as part of their platforms. IBM Verse leverages LinksWithin to help users navigate their respective company's collective network. Riva provides LinksWithin as part of Riva Insight, its social panel for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. SugarCRM makes LinksWithin available as part of its platform.

"TrustSphere is a pioneer of next-generation Relationship Analytics and continues to drive much of the innovation in the industry. The LinksWithin capability takes Relationship Analytics to the next level, through its unique approach of adding trust, context, and relevance to leverage the power of previously invisible data," said Aldo Zanoni, CEO of Riva, in a statement.

"Businesses today must intelligently gather and organize as much data as possible to better engage their prospects and customers," said Clint Oram, chief technology officer at SugarCRM, in a statement. "TrustSphere's relationship intelligence capabilities combined with the Sugar platform can not only drive sales and marketing productivity, but increase customer satisfaction by insuring interactions are more timely and relevant."

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