• December 19, 2013

Trumpia Releases Dynamic Targets

Trumpia, a provider of multichannel marketing and messaging solutions, has released Dynamic Targets as the latest addition to its marketing automation feature.

The Dynamic Targets feature eliminates  manually re-applying the same Smart Filters for new campaigns by tying distribution lists with filters. The system constantly applies the rules from Smart Filters to new and existing contact, demographic, and behavioral data to keep lists up to date. Changes in a contact's information and behavior can link the contact to multiple Dynamic Targets automatically. Contacts can reside in multiple  Dynamic Target lists.

"With Dynamic Targets working continuously behind the scenes, users can communicate with the exact group they want to reach while recipients receive relevant messages," said Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia, in a statement. "Matching the most relevant messages with each target increases relevance, response rate, and ROI of marketing or communication campaigns."

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