• June 3, 2015

TruConversion Launches New Web Analytics Product

TruConversion, a developer of Web analytics technology, today announced the beta launch of its technology, created for users to transform their abandoned website visitors into real customers.  By simply using one dashboard, users will now be able to perform all CRO and analytics tests to increase sales.

Using the latest exit-intent technology, the platform transforms bounce traffic into meaningful sales.  TruConversion does not let visitors go empty-handed; rather, they are lured back onto the Web site by extremely effective overlays.

TruConversion provides users with access to all the best conversion optimization and analytics tools, including the following:

  • Feedback Polls and Micro Surveys: Discover why Web site visitors perform certain actions by using fully customizable micro surveys and polls;
  • Heatmaps: Discover what Web site visitors are looking at, clicking on, or interacting with, where they're spending more time on a Web page and where they're leaving;
  • Customer Surveys: Make critical decisions based on what Web site visitors, target audiences, and customers have to say with comprehensive or simple responsive surveys;
  • Conversion Funnels: Discover where visitors are dropping out of the sales process;
  • Form Analytics: – Visitors can fill out forms explaining what difficulties they’re facing and how they’re reacting to different fields on the forms;
  • Visitor Recordings: See the Web site from the perspective of visitors and find out what makes them leave or buy; watch recordings of their browsing journey; see where they're clicking and learn why they're leaving; and find problems with usability;
  • Recruit User Testers: Receive valuable input of user testers by finding and recruiting them straight from the Web site or app with customizable forms; and
  • A-B Testing: The editor split-tests headlines, call to action buttons, images, content, and design elements.

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