• July 26, 2019

Top Launches Topvote Consumer Feedback App

Top, an advertising software company, has launched a direct-to-consumer voting app called Topvote that collects user-generated content and consumer feedback on what consumers think is the best.

The Topvote engagement platform incentivizes consumers to participate with advertising and opt-in to sharing data in return for winning rewards or recognition. The Topvote app for iOS (Android coming shortly) crowdsources who should win the top vote in all kinds of categories. The entries and voting is open and visible to everyone. The app can personalize content to each user and power private voting or competitions between friends.

"Marketers want to collect opt-in, first-party data, and consumers want a direct voice with brands," said Top CEO and Co-Founder Will Cohen in a statement. "As the IAB has recognized, opt-in, value-exchange advertising is quickly becoming a trusted format that provides true value and appeal for consumers. Our platform makes it simple for consumers to participate in personalized competitions and voting campaigns. We can also extend these campaigns into any other form of media to drive scale. We want to give people a voice and to feel recognized for their talent and content. Topvote provides a way to do this."

"We spent the last decade working in digital advertising, at the forefront of data, promotions, and media. With everything going on with data privacy and viewability, we knew the way marketers interact with consumers needed reinvention," saidTerra Ingalls, co-founder and chief operations officer at Top, in a statement. "The first rule of selling is to listen, but advertisers who are selling products or services to consumers don't traditionally do this. We wanted to build a platform that lets brands easily listen to their consumers by asking for their opinions and provide a value-exchange for opting-in to share their information with marketers."

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