• March 7, 2014

TigerLogic Adds Social Monitoring and Performance Analytics to Postano Platform

TigerLogic has added social media monitoring and performance analytics to its Postano Platform.

With Postano's new social monitoring capabilities, marketers can keep track of their social channels for new trends, visualize fan engagement metrics, and track the performance of hashtag campaigns and social networks, as part of its newest product release.

By including trends, totals, and comparisons across social networks, marketing teams can monitor performance alongside the content from those sources, all from one screen. They can also visualize the actual content from social accounts, mentions, and hashtags from user-generated content.

The analytics dashboard provides brands a view of the performance of their social hubs, integrations, and widgets, allowing them to discover popularity and engagement behaviors with trends, geographic data, and hashtag metrics. Marketing teams can also analyze real-time fan behavior in social hubs and measure the ROI of ecommerce campaigns via Postano's attribution feature.

"Postano is positioned as the best solution not only for beautifully displaying social media content, but also as a marketing campaign discovery tool for the real ROI data brands require for effective fan engagement," said Justin Garrity, enior vice president of Postano, in a statement. "Postano is unique in its ability to promote attribution links in context of socially shared fan content, and with this update, brands are now able to measure ecommerce ROI within social."

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