• October 3, 2018

Thanx Launches Thanx Campaigns

Thanx, a provider of customer engagement and retention tools for restaurants and retailers, has launched Thanx Campaigns, enabling segmented, personalized marketing across channels and expanding on its loyalty tools.

Thanx Campaigns allows restaurants and retailers to better identify customer behavior and engage and retain customers while measuring the impact and success of these targeted campaigns by the most important metric: dollars spent.

To help ease the burden of designing and launching targeted marketing as well as tracking the performance of campaigns across channels, the company introduced Thanx Optimizations and Smart Tips. Designed to help merchants create campaigns, Thanx automatically optimizes variables, such as send time, redemption windows for rewards, and customer eligibility for every promotion or communication. Similarly, Thanx Campaigns determines what type of marketing message should be sent to each consumer by aligning customer preferences with their preferred method of communication – email, SMS, or push notification. Every campaign produces a precisely calculated incremental revenue measure through control groups and Thanx’s proprietary credit card and POS integrations.

"Restaurants and retailers have long tracked opens and clicks to judge the success of their marketing, which are terrible stand-ins for the only number that actually matters, incremental revenue driven to the business," said Thanx's CEO and founder, Zach Goldstein, in a statement. "Thanx Campaigns makes targeted customer engagement easier and allows brands to double down on what is driving revenue and stop wasting time and money on things that aren't."

Thanx Campaigns can accommodate automated campaigns, which run in the background and automatically react to customer behavior; targeted campaigns; and send-a-message-to-everyone campaigns.

"We know that creating deep customer loyalty drives massive growth for merchants. But loyalty is about a lot more than giving out rewards. It’s about deeply understanding every customer and interacting with them just as personally when they are outside the store," Goldstein said. "There are simply not enough hours in the day for merchants to sift through mounds of data to create personalized and successful marketing campaigns. Thanx Campaigns eliminates this heavy lift and guesswork to ensure we’re enabling our customers to drive the greatest revenue possible without having to depend on multiple technologies or build their own data science team."

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