• November 5, 2015

Telerx Introduces Texting Solution

Telerx, a provider of multichannel consumer engagement technology, has launched an SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) text messaging solution that enables texting through existing toll free numbers.

Telerx's cloud-based texting solution enables toll-free numbers to support both texting and multimedia images and video. Through Telerx's portal, agents can handle multiple text message conversations in one screen while viewing the history of each conversation for context. Additionally, keyword-based auto reply messages can be set up to handle basic questions, such as product location, allowing consumers to receive a relevant response even during unstaffed hours.

Consumer product companies can leverage texting to engage and support their consumers throughout a variety of scenarios, including the following:

  • Point-of-Sale Consumer Affairs Support: Consumers can text brands right from the store at the critical point-of-purchase decision with their product questions.
  • Offers at Point-of-Sale: Brands can provide offers, such as coupons, recipes, and loyalty programs, to their consumers while they shop.
  • Enhanced Consumer Complaint Resolution: Consumers can text pictures of product issues for immediate resolution, and the company can gain immediate insights into product quality issues.
  • Proactive Outbound Messages: Brands can let consumers know in advance of upcoming renewals or loyalty program offers via their channel of choice.

"Telerx researched the top 25 consumer product companies globally to determine which were providing texting as a customer service channel. The results of our research were surprising. Only one of the top 25 was offering texting as an option for a select number of their brands — revealing the industry is leaving significant opportunity on the table by not taking advantage of texting as a consumer affairs channel, even though consumers are eager to engage," said Mike Brannan, Telerx's chief innovation officer, in a statement. "Core to Telerx is our commitment to technological innovation to enhance the customer experience. Consumer product brands are in need of advanced texting solutions that provide the essential tools to more effectively interact with a prospective customer during a purchase decision and deliver high-value results, including new customer acquisition and increased customer loyalty."

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