• May 25, 2017

TapInfluence Rereleases TapFire

Following an 18-month testing period, TapInfluence, a provider of influencer marketing technology, has released TapFire, an influencer content amplification and distribution engine.

Upon entering a content URL into TapFire, the app analyzes the content's virality score and pairs it with relevant influencers in real time, using proprietary data-science algorithms. The influencer-to-content pairing process takes multiple factors into consideration, including influencer demographics, interests, audience demographics, brand affinity, and previous influencer campaign performance.

TapFire is completely self-service and based on a cost per engagement (CPE) performance model. Running a campaign through TapFire requires just three steps. TapFire automates influencer selection and audience targeting, program automation, and performance review.

Entire influencer marketing campaigns start as low as $700 per program. TapFire also allows marketers to repurpose existing content. Campaigns are based on program performance and proprietary engagement data across industry and channel. Campaigns last for an average of 14 days and run across multiple platforms.

"Content fuels the modern marketing funnel and new buyers' journey. According to Accenture, the average enterprise spends $50 million annually on content creation," said Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence, in a statement. "TapFire is helping brands extend the lifetime value of their content and reach new and niche audiences, unlike any content distribution offering."

The previous version of TapFire was released in late 2015 to existing TapInfluence software customers only. Evolving directly with the influencer marketing category, the new version of TapFire has been optimized with more than 18 months of program data and thousands of programs (ranging from $700 to $75,000) tied to social media performance data and maximized for engagement. 

"Marketers want a way to work with influencers that is as easy as budgeting a Google AdWords campaign or Facebook Ad," said Jason Merkoski, head of marketplace at TapInfluence, in a statement. "That's what we built with TapFire. We've seen it used to power everything from brand awareness to sales lift. And we back up TapFire with our benchmark and performance metrics. Once previously only available to enterprise customers, we're delighted to open up TapFire democratically to anyone who want to create a self-service content amplification campaign with influencers."

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