• November 20, 2019

TapClicks Integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud

TapClicks, a provider of marketing intelligence, analytics, reporting, workflow, and orders management, today announced its integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud.

With this integration, marketers can blend performance data from the Adobe Experience Cloud with data from the hundreds of additional integrations provided by TapClicks. In addition, Adobe Experience Cloud users will now have access to the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform directly through the Adobe Exchange, and data from Adobe Experience Cloud solutions will now be accessible directly through the TapClicks MarketPlace.

"Integrating TapClicks into the Adobe Experience Cloud and vice versa is a boon for marketers on both platforms," said Noah Jacobson, senior vice president of corporate development and strategy at TapClicks, in as statement. "TapClicks' ease of use for analysis, reporting, and visualization, with the added benefit of our orders and workflow capabilities, is unparalleled and offers real-time access to sophisticated campaign intelligence. Adding Adobe's solutions into our data streams extends the value delivered by TapClicks by combining our simplicity of analysis with Adobe's best-of-breed marketing solutions to create real insights into omnichannel performance."

"The ability to pull data from Adobe Experience Cloud solutions directly through the TapClicks platform and blend it with data from all of our other channels has led to measurable improvements in engagement and overall campaign performance," said Peter Platt, president of Accountable Digital, a Rochester, NY-based digital marketing firm, in a statement. "Many of the analytics and intelligence solutions out there are not easy to use or efficient enough to move at the speed that agencies like ours require. TapClicks simplifies data analysis across channels so we can focus on improving business results, not data science."

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