• February 25, 2016

Tagga Updates Its Marketing Intelligence Platform

Tagga has updated its B2C Marketing Intelligence Platform with a host of new features and an increased number of integrations.

Among the many enhancements are an advanced reporting component with business intelligence integrations, a custom audience builder, trigger-based workflows, and an improved set of data treatment rules that include enhanced cleansing, augmentation, and transformation.

"The beta version of our platform spoke to a very specific pain point in the B2C space: fragmented data. Honestly, even we were surprised with how well it was received, but the influx of new clients brought an influx of new ideas and feedback, which we used as a starting point to building a more refined version of the platform with a deeper feature set and a more intuitive UI and UX," said Roger Lines, vice president of product at Tagga, in a statement.

"We've worked in this space for so many years that we're hyper-aware of what bad data can do to a business. It can kill marketing initiatives, waste resources, deliver erroneous results... the list goes on," said Tagga CEO Jean-Guy Faubert in a statement. "But the days where we are forced to infer insights by collaging data from multiple sources are the days of the dinosaurs. Hub technologies like ours mean B2C marketers no longer have to manage multiple data streams and can finally unleash the full potential of their data, which has been little more than an impossible aspiration until now."

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