• April 5, 2017

Sysomos Launches Sysomos Platform for Social Management

Social marketing software company Sysomos today launched the Sysomos Platform, a social marketing and analytics tool that unifies all social management functions and capabilities and gets smarter as it shares content and insights across all Sysomos applications.

The Sysomos Platform provides more prescriptive insights for marketers by consolidating and cross-informing campaign initiatives.By linking applications to Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage, and Analyze on social media, the Sysomos Platform now gives marketers access to all the paid, owned, and earned data needed to create strategic campaigns, take action in real time, and measure those actions. Role-based customization allows users to design their own workspaces to access the insights that matter most to them.

"Identifying insights, creating campaigns, and measuring the effectiveness of those efforts, all with increasingly strained resources, have become challenging for marketers," said Peter Heffring, CEO of Sysomos, in a statement. "We built the Sysomos Platform to meet these challenges head on by providing a single technology platform that guides marketers to the exact insights needed to increase commercial opportunities for our customers."

The Sysomos Platform incorporates artificial intelligence that uncovers correlations, anomalies, and associations by using machine learning to process trillions of data points every second. With the Sysomos Platform now integrating and aggregating millions of digital data streams, the company plans to accelerate development of more advanced AI for the social analytics industry.

The Sysomos Platform integrates listening with publishing and engagement capabilities, allowing users to discover trends in real time and curate content that can be applied immediately to cross-channel campaigns. Sysomos can measure campaign efficiency as well as evaluate the earned media impact within the same platform. Using Sysomos' listening and search technologies, marketers can assess the effectiveness of their ad messaging based on the text and visual content their audiences share and whether it had an impact on the overall conversation for the brand.

While the complete Sysomos Platform encompasses all the Search, Discover, Listen, Publish, Engage, and Analyze applications, companies that have one of the applications can activate the others. The Sysomos applications previously were named Map, Gaze (acquired in 2015), Heartbeat and Expion (acquired in 2015). Map is now part of Search; Gaze is part of Discover; Heartbeat is part of Listen; and Expion is part of Publish, Engage, and Analyze.

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