• June 19, 2020

Syncfusion Updates Bold BI

Syncfusion has updated the Enterprise and Embedded versions of Bold BI, its cloud-neutral business intelligence dashboard solution. Bold BI now provides a JavaScript software development kit that allows users to embed dashboards into web applications, new dashboards that create more powerful data visualizations, and the ability to analyze data in their own environments.

Additional features in this latest release include the following:

  • New data source connectors to Google Ads, RavenDB, Gmail, and Amazon RDS;
  • New dashboard widgets for rich-text editing;
  • Spline area charts, connecting data points with smooth lines instead of straight ones;
  • Period-over-period chart for comparing data from different date ranges in a single chart;
  • Custom widgets that can be user-defined JavaScript, Syncfusion Essential JS 2, or D3 components.
  • Pinboards for tracking metrics from multiple dashboards; and
  • A multitabbed dashboard for organizing related dashboards under separate tabs.

"There has never been a more important time for users at all levels to have access to key company data to make informed business decisions," said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion, in a statement. "With our new embedded SDK for Bold BI, customers no longer need to spend critical time learning how to build analytical software, allowing them to focus on their core business."

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