• May 26, 2023

Symbl.ai Launches Communications Intelligence APIs

Symbl.ai has released a set of purpose-built application programming interfaces to improve business outcomes with conversation intelligence for outbound calling.

Symbl.ai's Communications Intelligence APIs enable users to incorporate deep conversation understanding and generative artificial intelligence into their service offerings or internal operations, such as outbound sales and telemarketing. Symbl.ai's Communication Intelligence APIs enable call progress analysis, automated call disposition, and call scoring.

Symbl.ai's Communications Intelligence provides the following functionalities:

  • Call progress analysis, which can detect humans or machines with 98 percent accuracy by analyzing attributes during outbound calls. This includes playing messages if a machine or voicemail is detected or informing routing decisions to connect calls to sales reps and agents.
  • Automated call disposition for generating transcripts, call dispositions, call summaries, and outcomes.
  • Call scoring on 100 percent of outbound calls to assess sales rep and agent performance for outbound sales and telemarketing campaigns, measuring behavioral aspects, such as empathy, excitement, politeness, and dissatisfaction, and evaluating compliance with company processes and best practices. Generative AI provides the scores and detailed explanations behind the scores.

"Today's outbound sales and telemarketing leaders are constantly evaluating how AI can improve efficiency and help do more with less," said Surbhi Rathore, CEO and co-founder of Symbl.ai, in a statement. "With our new Communications Intelligence APIs, we're bringing together the power of real-time conversation understanding and generative AI to improve performance at every stage of the outbound calling process, from connection to post-call quality management and improvement."

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