• September 16, 2015

Swrve Debuts Integrated Personalization Engine

Swrve, a provider of mobile engagement platforms, today introduced the Integrated Personalization Engine, enabling marketers to build relationships and deliver campaigns and content to consumers based on their unique behavior and attributes.

With Swrve Integrated Personalization, marketers can customize contextual messages to individual users across six custom fields: audience, timing, message, lifecycle, location, and language, to create personal mobile messaging campaigns.

App engagement campaigns can be targeted based on personal information, past behavior, stage in the user lifecycle, past or present physical location, and language. Messages can be A/B tested for the best response rate and compared to specific items that customers have previously viewed or might be interested in buying.

Conversations is an in-app communication tool unique to Swrve. Conversations lets digital marketers send videos, surveys, and an array of other rich messaging experiences to app users. As users engage, customized messages are triggered in real time by the users' responses. Swrve Conversations allow marketers to further refine the in-app brand and customer experience to closely resemble real-world interactions with in-store personnel or personal shoppers.

Swrve enables marketers to set up and send campaigns in multiple languages simultaneously.

"Just like in the online environment, one size fits all is no longer good enough when it comes to mobile customer engagement. When brands plan to build meaningful relationships with consumers, they need to be where consumers are, at the moment when they are engaged, which is in the mobile app," said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, in a statement. "With Swrve's Integrated Personalization, marketers now have a powerful new way to engage individual mobile users with rich contextually relevant messages, quite possibly the most crucial and successful component for a brand's future in the mobile age."

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