• September 16, 2019

SurveyMonkey Launches Smart Notifications

SurveyMonkey has launched Smart Notifications to help companies manage large amounts of feedback and distribute insights to the right people.

Smart notifications will allow companies to receive instant notifications as they receive responses to surveys and set up logic-based rules for when they receive notifications to specific responses. Companies can set up the application to send up to 10 different Smart Notification emails to different people per survey. Notifications can be triggered based on survey questions and answers or respondent custom data so people are flagged when certain terms are used. Each Smart Notification email includes a link to the individual survey response so stakeholders who are notified can see the response in a single click.

"Setting up Smart Notifications ensures survey data flows through the organization in a timely way. Instead of logging into SurveyMonkey after a survey is set up, reading through responses, and manually curating feedback, administrators can operationalize the process, quickly deliver insights, and focus their attention on taking action," Gilda Raczkowski, a senior marketing writer at SurveyMonkey, wrote in a blog post. "Data often needs to be shared with individuals and teams that don't have access to the same survey platform. Smart Notification recipients don't need a SurveyMonkey account to receive and access the individual survey responses linked in the emails. You can even notify recipients outside of your group or company, as long as they have an email address."

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