• April 13, 2021

SurveyMonkey Launches Brand Tracker and Industry Tracker

SurveyMonkey, a provider of software for market research, customer experience, and survey feedback, today launched SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker to help companies monitor shifts in market perception and quickly react.

SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions allow researchers and finance professionals to gather proprietary data on-demand from more than 144 million respondents globally. SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker use artificiakl intelligence to launch trackers, monitor industry and brand performance, and uncover insights.

SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker enables companies to continuously measure brand performance, including tracking behavior trends and consumer habits across multiple markets, assessing campaign effectiveness, and conducting competitive analysis.

SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker allows investment and finance research professionals to understand changing market dynamics, measure shifts in consumer and buyer sentiment and preference, and assess the competitive landscape.

Key product features of both SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker include the following:

  • Longitudinal Research Platform, with access to an always-on statistical analysis platform, where users can compare brand funnel metrics and measure what changed, when, and why;
  • AI-Powered Insights, to serve up statistically significant wave-over-wave changes to key metrics, such as category perception and brand usage, highlighting the demographic and behavioral segments that shift the most;
  • Expert Services to help customize the trackers;
  • Data Consistency with the same data sources and demographic balancing each wave, excluding respondents from prior waves; and
  • Custom Dashboardswith advanced data visualizations.

"COVID-19 accelerated an existing trend of digital-first research to keep up with rapid changes in buyer demands and competitive dynamics. We saw market perception shift dramatically many times last year and not on the schedule a traditional research agency provides reports" said Priyanka Carr, general manager of market research solutions at SurveyMonkey, in a statement. "We're thrilled to launch SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker. These two solutions show the growing value of replacing slow agencies with agile technology that delivers insights on demand, allowing businesses to rapidly react and adapt."

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