• May 15, 2018

SundaySky Debuts SmartVideo Studio

SundaySky, a provider of personalized video for marketers, today introduced the SmartVideo Studio, empowering marketers to create, manage, deploy, and measure personalized video. With it, companies can create personalized, data-driven video stories that deliver contextually relevant content to customers at scale.

The newest addition to SundaySky's SmartVideo Marketing Cloud, the SmartVideo Studio lets companies deliver individualized experiences at critical moments throughout the customer lifecycle based on real-time customer information. The moment a viewer clicks on the video, she receives the most relevant and timely content available. The ability to create video in real time takes advantage of the SmartVideo Engine, SundaySky's proprietary scalable real-time rendering technology.

"Linear storytelling is a thing of the past, and relevance drives action," said Shmulik Weller, co-founder and president of SundaySky, in a statement. "For brands to successfully connect with their customers, they must compete on customer experience and communicate to consumers what's important to them at that moment by delivering personalized, engaging stories to individuals. The SmartVideo Studio does just this."

SmartVideo Studio also lets users centralize and extend the shelf life of video assets and integrate data, including first-, second-, and third-party data, from any source.

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