• February 4, 2016

SubscriberVoice Launches to Transform Email Marketing

SubscriberVoice, a startup in the email marketing space, officially launched yesterday.

As part of the company launch, SubscriberVoice also released the SubscriberVoice Seal, an online seal designed to help consumers identify and engage with brands that listen to their email subscribers. Powered by the voice of the subscriber, SubscriberVoice moves email marketing beyond a one-way, brand-driven push of advertising to a two-way, subscriber-driven conversation.

"Brands displaying the SubscriberVoice Seal represent the thought leaders visibly committed to a subscriber-driven email marketing approach," said Neal Romagnolo, co-founder and CEO of SubscriberVoice, in a statement. "Consumers now expect brands to engage in two-way conversations, and brands are actively doing so across much of the Internet. It's time for email to follow suit and move beyond a one-way advertising push to an informed conversation."

SmartPak, The Bouqs Co., Build.com, Craftsy, Pharmaca, Boston College, US Sailing and others have already displayed the seal. The SubscriberVoice Seal is added to email marketing templates in minutes. Once installed, the seal allows subscribers to provide structured and unstructured data on their experience, which is representative of the overall brand relationship and directly predictive of loyalty, purchase behavior, lifetime value, churn, and the likelihood to recommend.

"Consumer inboxes are overflowing with promotional email," Romagnolo said. "As product selection and prices have moved towards parity, today's most successful companies understand the importance of differentiating on experience. With competition for the inbox only increasing, we believe that brands committed to developing trusted connections by credibly demonstrating a subscriber-driven email marketing approach will be the biggest winners."

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