• July 7, 2015

Storyworks1 Launches Opportunity Locator

Storyworks1, a provider of business technology solutions, has released the Opportunity Locator tool for field salespeople that allows them to identify high priority opportunities based on location.

Storyworks1's new Opportunity Locator lets field sales personnel sync their current location with their CRM systems via mobile device to map nearby prospect and client locations and profiles. The Opportunity Locator customizes information based on the user's current area, prioritizes appointment possibilities and locates current contact information from simple keyword searches. With the Opportunity Locator, salespeople can also upload information from calls and meetings to the corporate CRM.

"It's critical that salespeople maximize their time in the field to achieve the highest productivity possible. The Opportunity Locator is one of the first tools to take the power of a CRM and translate it into greater sales efficiency," said Jeff Fritz, CEO of Storyworks1, in a statement. "The ability to obtain key information about clients and potential clients within a targeted geographical area allows salespeople to add more meetings, reduce phone and email time, and avoid unnecessary trips back to the office to access the CRM. This results in an extraordinary gain in terms of efficiency for the salespeople, and greatly reduced opportunity costs for the corporation."

"The Opportunity Locator has already provided great efficiencies for our salespeople in the field, and we haven't scratched the surface yet," said Tom Donnelly, a regional vice president at Principal Financial Group, in a statement. "The Opportunity Locator is easy to use and gives our field reps the ability to access and update vital sales information at their fingertips, which saves time and improves productivity."

The Opportunity Locator is the first tool within a new set of capabilities for the Storyworks1 solution. An upgrade for Storyworks1 is planned in August.

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