• March 24, 2020

Sprinklr and Facebook Partner to Support Health Organizations During COVID-19

Sprinklr, provider of the Modern Customer Experience Management (CXM) Platform, has partnered with Facebook's Messenger to support health organizations in their efforts to share accurate information and respond to concerned citizens via Messenger during COVID-19.

Through Sprinklr's integration with Messenger, government health organizations and U.N. health agencies can now manage the dramatic increase in the number of questions they're receiving from concerned citizens.

Sprinklr's AI capabilities will help organizations automatically identify, classify, and route questions from Messenger to the appropriate customer service agents and flag messages as urgent based on specific keywords. Sprinklr will help government health organizations scale responses to citizens via Messenger. Additionally, organizations will be able to manage requests from Messenger alongside direct messages from Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms in a single Sprinklr platform.

"Facebook and Messenger are crucial during a time like this, when citizens need to get information from government health organizations directly that are on the front lines fighting this global pandemic. At the same time, Sprinklr was built to support a moment like this. When misinformation can be as contagious as the virus itself, we help the government health organizations globally listen to millions of people and respond quickly, one-to-one and at massive scale, delivering personalized and factual support," said Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of Sprinklr, in a statement. "Our integration with Messenger will help government health organizations effectively share timely and accurate facts, keeping communities safe and informed."

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