• June 16, 2015

SourceKnowledge Launches the Engage Performance-Based Programmatic Video Ad Platform

SourceKnowledge, a programmatic video platform that measures post-click behavior, has launched Engage, a performance-based programmatic ad platform for video. The Engage platform lets marketers test and optimize creative in real time to evaluate their campaigns' return on ad spend.

SourceKnowledge Engage programmatically delivers video ads to prospects that are analyzed and ranked based on their likelihood to convert, as well as their total potential lifetime value. Audiences can then be re-engaged using banner ad creative that is dynamically delivered to match the video asset, reinforcing conversion behavior and the brand's overall value proposition.

Key features include the following:

  • Real Time Split Testing: Allows marketers to A/B test creative and offers in real time with the opportunity to switch out creative.
  • Cross Media Delivery: Attracts audiences with cross-media buys on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Attribution Transparency: Identifies performing and non-performing sources and dynamically adjusts ad spend.
  • SourceKnowledge Smartbidder: Analyzes more than 2 billion auctions every day to optimize for the most qualified audience at the lowest-possible cost.
  • Transparent Reporting: Illustrates path to conversion, eCPA, and full conversion attribution report by domain and date in flight and post-flight.

"Video is commonly thought of as a medium for brand-forward content, but it's also proven to be a prime format for performance-based advertising," said Patrick Hopf, president and co-founder of SourceKnowledge, in a statement. "Our new Engage platform enables brand marketers to achieve increased conversion rates and improve their average order values, because they can test their video creative in real-time and enjoy greater control by monitoring key invest-or-kill metrics."

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