• October 25, 2016

Socure Reveals New Interface for Digital Identity Verification

Socure, a provider of digital identity verification, has redesigned its ID+ digital identity dashboard service to better equip organizations to understand the complete online and offline persona of consumers, automate the decisioning of new consumers, better assess risks, and prevent fraud and identity theft.

The announcement brings a host of enhanced analytical capabilities to augment onboarding teams' understanding of trends that indicate where fraud attacks are occurring, the identities that are being used, and a host of other data points that can be interrogated and analyzed.

"While the majority of our clients consume the intelligence ID+ delivers into an automated decisioning system, many of them still need to provide manual review teams with a faster, easier way to get insight into digital identity in real time," said Johnny Ayers, senior vice president and co-founder of Socure, in a statement. "They will gain more complete insights and further drive down costs in their digital identity verification process."

"Socure has already transformed the way financial institutions look at digital identity by crunching social, mobile, and internet-based data through AI and machine learning," said Sunil Madhu, CEO and founder of Socure, in a statement. "Our team's strong focus remains on developing and delivering innovative tools that help financial institutions achieve reduced fraud rates and increased acceptance rates."

Socure confirmed that the same features and benefits of the original Socure ID+ product suite have been maintained, but navigation has improved with fewer clicks, more dynamic menus, and enhanced drill-down in the updated interface. Socure clients using the current version (2.5) of the ID+ product suite will be able to leverage the new dashboard in the coming weeks.

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