• April 1, 2014

SocialWhirled Introduces the Canvas Collection

SocialWhirled today introduced the SocialWhirled Canvas Collection, a new suite of tools to streamline and simplify campaign creation and management across the social, mobile, and digital landscapes.

The SocialWhirled Canvas Collection extends campaign reach while providing complete creative contro and customization. With access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, each Canvas can be built from the ground up or tailored to fit using one of the optimized Canvases from the collection.

Each campaign can be published on social, mobile and digital platforms. They are built on Bootstrap and also offer social integrations via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

Canvases further harness the power of social media with built-in features, including video players, voting capabilities, commenting, share buttons, and custom Facebook applications. Additionally, the suite of tools streamlines the campaign management process with moderation functionality available from within the SocialWhirled dashboard.

Canvases also include targeting and segmentation tools, form captures, offers, A/B testing, landing pages, multiple language capability, and data exports, and each Canvas comes complete with the SocialWhirled dashboard, which pairs analytics with social insights, including interest and attribute data, all from one location.

"The SocialWhirled Canvas Collection gets marketers out of the dreaded template world while improving ROI on campaigns that span social, mobile, and digital," said Andy Lombard, CEO of SocialWhirled, in a statement. "This customization, cross-platform synchronization, and complete creative control is really the best of all worlds and results in an almost immediate jump in ROI."

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