• June 11, 2024

Snappy Kraken Unveils Marketing Hub

Snappy Kraken, an advisor marketing technology provider, has launched the Marketing Hub for integrating content, communication, and contact activity into one interface and surface advisors' best opportunities to build relationships, book appointments, and win new referrals.

"Advisors often struggle to determine which marketing strategies truly work. The Marketing Hub is designed to bridge this knowledge gap, enabling them to zero in on the most effective activities that will drive growth for their businesses," said Robert Sofia, founder and CEO of Snappy Kraken, in a statement. "Unlike other solutions that lump all marketing contacts and data together, obscuring which activities are performing best and which clients and prospects are most engaged, the Marketing Hub brings the most valuable opportunities to the surface. It also provides specific recommendations for which actions to take next."

The Marketing Hub includes the following features:

  • Opportunity Feed, which collects and prioritizes lead activity from a variety of sources and provides insights into their interests based on their interactions with content.
  • Marketing Calendar, for a comprehensive overview of all scheduled and published content across various channels and helping advisors visualize marketing activities over time, spot potential gaps and make real-time adjustments as needed.
  • Marketing Insights Dashboard for a visual breakdown of which content types and channels are generating the highest engagement and conversion rates. It offers performance insights and analytics that spotlight growth trends and campaign effectiveness.

"Advisors frequently feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of marketing tasks and the array of tools at their disposal, which often leads to fragmented strategies that fail to drive growth," said Angel Gonzalez, chief marketing officer at Snappy Kraken, in a statement. "The Marketing Hub addresses this head-on, distilling complex activities into clear, actionable steps that improve engagement and campaign performance. Importantly, it also sheds light on which activities are working and why. We are confident this will drive tremendous value for the advisors we serve."

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