• April 29, 2020

Smartly.io Adds to Its Creative Automation Platform

Smartly.io, a provider of social advertising automation platforms, has added testing capabilities, integrations, and enhanced cross-channel workflow management to its platform and launched a creative service through its Creative Studio team to help companies build creatives at scale.

Smartly.io's solution helps creative and marketing teams to work together to produce, test, and iterate creatives. The platform’s new creative capabilities and services include the following:

  • Creative Studio, an on-demand creative service that helps companies connect with customers across social channels. Smartly.io helps advertisers produce original mobile-first creatives and transform existing content into short-form content built for social. Smartly.io's Creative Studio also offers creative testing to find winning creatives, along with their optimal channel and placement mix.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration, which connects Smartly.io's creative automation tools to designers' workflows. Creative professionals can now import assets created in Photoshop into the Smartly.io platform and add animation effects and dynamic overlays to create thousands of data-driven, on-brand, customized videos in minutes.
  • Cross-Channel Video Distribution, which allows users to export their video creations and use them across any online channel, including YouTube, Snapchat, or Google Ads.
  • Automatic Template Resizing, which adjusts videos to different dimensions for different ad placements and platforms.
  • Video and Image Template tools, which let users apply dynamic overlays to automatically customize creatives with real-time pricing, localized offers, and personalized messages.
  • Modular Testing, which enables teams to produce multiple video variations to test which combination of footage resonates best with audiences and drives optimal performance.
  • Smartly.io Asset Library, a centralized place for marketing and creative teams to store and use their image and video assets across campaigns and channels.
  • Designer Access Rights, which streamline designers' workflows, allowing them to focus on the creative tools without interfering with campaign management functions.

"Marketers didn't enter their field to do manual, tedious, administrative work," said Kristo Ovaska, co-founder and CEO of Smartly.io, in a statement. "They want to be creative, developing, iterating, and launching new ideas. With Smarty.io's enhanced creative capabilities, teams can do just that. Reallocating their time to ideation, execution, and creativity empowers marketing teams to save countless hours of manual work while increasing campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Collectively, these benefits enhance a team's ability to scale creative automation across platforms, allowing them to streamline their workflows and ultimately achieve better outcomes for the business."

"Smartly.io is an important partner in helping Uber's Performance Marketing iterate on our creative testing in both scale and scope," said Merry Morud, marketing manager of performance creative optimization at Uber, in a statement. "Smartly.io's suite of creative tools, like image and video templates, in tandem with Automated Ads and Dynamic Ads products help our designers create multiple iterations at massive scale, and allow us to launch and test globally relevant creative around the world while significantly reducing time spent on design production time. Beyond tools, we look to the Smartly.io team as digital marketing and digital creative experts who are at the forefront of the field across many industries and verticals."

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