• July 26, 2022

Smart Bug Media Partners with Klaviyo

SmartBug Media has expanded its focus on comprehensive, client-centered solutions through the Klaviyo Technology partner ecosystem.

By using martech tools in the Klaviyo ecosystem, SmartBug partners in the e-commerce space can personalize the customer journey from the moment someone lands on their websites through order fulfillment and beyond.

"The name of the winning game in the e-commerce space is customer retention, and the tools available to SmartBug's clients grows exponentially with our Klaviyo partnership," Jen Spencer, CEO of SmartBug Media, said in a statement. "The expertise available now to our customers positions them for growth."

E-commerce service providers in the Klaviyo ecosystem that are now partnering with SmartBug include the following:

  • Gatsby for automated community management on social media.
  • Gorgias, a help desk app that allows merchants to manage all of their customer communication channels in one platform.
  • Justuno, an on-site conversion optimization software provider offering lead capture, personalized messaging, product recommendations, and advanced visitor intelligence technology.
  • Octane AI, a quiz builder that targets granular, zero-party data and customer preferences.
  • Okendo, a customer review platform to capture and showcase customer-generated content, including product ratings and reviews, photos and videos, and Q&A.
  • Recharge, a subscription payments solution.
  • Stamped a reviews and loyalty platform for e-commerce.
  • Wonderment, a post-purchase experience platform offering proactive shipping notifications and branded order tracking pages.

"The online retail market is only getting more competitive, so making the right impression from the very first time a customer lands on a merchant's site through the end experience is critical," Rich Gardner, vice president of global partnerships at Klaviyo, said in a statement. "SmartBug's enhanced commitment to our partner pipeline will be a key differentiator for its customers and clients."

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