• February 20, 2014

Skura Adds Adaptive Sales Enablement to its SFX Platform

Skura has enhanced its Skura SFX technology platform to support adaptive sales enablement, leveraging deep analytical data on customer behavior and engagement, providing a measurable way to align sales and marketing, and providing sales reps the right message for the right person at the right time.

Adaptive sales enablement puts the customer at the center of the sales process by aligning their interests and behavior with the content, messaging, and activities of sales and marketing teams.

"For the first time ever, sales and marketing executives, business leaders, and sales reps can know exactly what is driving sales engagement and use that insight to maximize their investment in sales and marketing resources," said Chris Skura, CEO and founder of Skura, in a statement. "To thrive, the sales rep of the future has to respond to customer needs with a level of insight that differentiates them from their competitors."

Adaptive Sales Enablement does the following:

  • Supports sales reps before the initial sales call with customer data sourced from multiple channels and systems;
  • Collects accurate customer engagement metrics during the sales call, as well as before and after;
  • Measures customer actions and content engagement levels across all channels;
  • Adapts marketing content and sales approaches accordingly to fulfill customer needs; and
  • Uses predictive analytics to identify the optimal messages, channels, and times for future interactions with individual customers.

The new Skura SFX platform delivers adaptive sales enablement capabilities via a single platform that supports multichannel engagement and accurate forecasting. Sales reps receive an aggregated view of customer information from disparate sources, such as CRM systems, marketing automation systems, and social media. Predictive analytics suggest optimized methods of engagement with individual prospects.

"Skura SFX goes far beyond traditional sales enablement to translate everything you know about your customers, your products, and your services into a recommended approach to engage prospects," said Loren Padelford, executive vice president of sales at Skura, in a statement. "Moreover, the Skura SFX platform with adaptive sales enablement lets you know how your best reps are engaging customers, what marketing spend is providing ROI, and what best practices you should be sharing with the entire team to help each sales rep increase their transaction rates. The Skura SFX platform supports a cycle of continuous improvement across sales and marketing departments that replaces subjective performance analysis with true accountability to benefit the entire organization."

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