• June 21, 2021

Skeepers Enters the U.S. Market with a User-Generated Content Platform

Skeepers has launched its Teester platform, a cloud-based solution for companies to create and broadcast user-generated videos, to the U.S. market.

Teester provides the following:

  • Community-created video content optimized for different formats and shareability across social media, marketing channels, and product pages;
  • Automated post-production capabilities to generate videos at scale; and
  • A tailor-made video player dedicated to e-commerce with in-video shoppable capabilities.

Following success with more than 100 companies, including Disney, Weber, and MAC Cosmetics<, Teester was found to boost sales and conversion rates by more than 68 percent.

"We know our consumers are craving authentic storytelling and are content creators in their own right. With Teester, we love how we are able to scale video production and empower our communities to create content with us that we can amplify across all our channels," said Sabrina Herlory Rouget, executive director of MAC Cosmetics France, in a statement.

"Teester is a cost-effective way to outsource our video production, provide parents and shoppers with answers, and show off our products using a more authentic and less salesy approach. In fact, when parents have a question about a product, they often find the answer in the videos made by other parents," said Sandrine Roucheray, digital marketing and customer relationships manager at VTech France, in a statement.

"Leveraging Teester to create user-generated videos allow us to achieve three strategic goals: improve the user experience on our digital platforms, automate large-scale video creation, and give our customers a new way of sharing their experience with our brand," said Benjamin Boulic, international e-commerce director at Petit Bateau, in a statement.

"The power of video and authentic consumer experiences is unequivocal. Ninety-six percent of consumers find videos useful to make an informed purchase decision, and 88 percent trust customer videos as much as word of mouth. Teester allows brands to enlist their most powerful ambassadors: their customers," said Julien Chevalier, CEO of Teester, in a statement.

Other solutions in the Skeepers product suite include MyFeelBack and Verified Reviews (Avis Vérifiés, Opiniones Verificadas).

"There is true cohesion across our product suite, enhancing the customer experience without eliminating human interaction. Technology helps to bridge the connections, but humans are necessary for authenticity. This helps make the customer and brand relationship stronger," said Pascal Lannoo, chief marketing officer and chief experience officer of Skeepers, in a statement.

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