• October 19, 2017

ShippingEasy Launches Automated Email Marketing

ShippingEasy, a provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer management solutions for ecommerce retailers, has launched Automated Email Marketing, an addition to its Customer Management module. This new marketing tool allows e-commerce retailers to act on their customer data and set up automated marketing email.

"Online sellers know a repeat purchaser is more valuable than a single-deal customer," said Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy, in a statement. "ShippingEasy's Automated Emails make it easy for e-commerce retailers to continue to give value to, and get value from, current customers. Ideally, online sellers should derive around 40 percent of their revenue from repeat business. We launched Automated Email Marketing Campaigns to ensure every one of our customers realizes this ratio with ease."

Automated Emails are triggered based on ShippingEasy sellers' objectives. E-commerce retailers can use these emails to reward first-time purchasers, solicit product reviews, update customers on order status, provide coupons related to order value or items bought, upsell related products, and win back customers.

"Most of our customers want to invest in the right marketing and promotional activities to grow their business and build long-term relationships with their buyers, but don't have the time or expertise," May said. "ShippingEasy's Automated Emails make it easy to touch their customers with relevant messaging at every interval, generate repeat purchases, and grow their business like the biggest retailers."

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