• March 23, 2021

Sevis Introduces Trusted Caller ID

Sevis Systems today released Trusted Caller ID for its eCallMe! hybrid call verification and customer engagement platform.

eCallMe! provides call verification and spoofed call detection services to help companies and their contact centers protect their customers from identity theft and account takeover and deliver personalized and branded caller ID experiences through their customers' mobile phone displays.

"When someone's phone rings with an unrecognized number, they always ask themselves the same key questions: who is calling, why are they calling, and can I trust this call?" said Ronnie Gomez, vice president of sales and business development at Sevis Systems, in a statement. "Trusted Caller ID gives enterprises complete control over their mobile caller ID experience so that they can deliver the information that customers need to confidently answer their calls."

Trusted Caller ID allows companies to display the purpose for the call, a verified call identifier, and a branded logo or image on customers' mobile call screens. Companies can also provide a customized screen that displays when a spoofed call is detected, warning customers to not answer that call.

"Because of the flood of unrecognized calls received on a daily basis, customers rarely answer the phone. Enterprises are realizing that the current way of doing business over the phone is inefficient," said Fletcher Hamilton, CEO of Sevis Systems, in a statement. "We are confident that enterprises will embrace this opportunity to use eCallMe! with Trusted Caller ID to enable a branded and more engaging customer phone experience."

eCallMe! with Trusted Caller ID works on all Apple and Android devices and is available in a mobile software development kit for integration into existing mobile applications.

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