• June 25, 2020

Serviceaide Launches Luma Knowledge

Serviceaide, a provider of intelligent, enterprise service management solutions, today launched Luma Knowledge, a self-learning, knowledge-centered product that optimizes access, creation, and reuse of enterprise knowledge to meet the day-to-day, round-the-clock service and support needs of users and customers.

"Knowledge availability, correlation, and accessibility are the measure of how well a service organization works," said Wai Wong, CEO of Serviceaide, in a statement. "With devices, application complexity,and enterprise data growing exponentially in every organization, knowledge workers are spending an increasing amount of their day searching for information to do their jobs. Luma Knowledge actively bridges the information gap to make end users, customers, and their service and support teams far more productive and efficient."

Luma Knowledge Integrates with enterprise applications and systems to create a single point of access to service and support knowledge. It includes the following features and capabilities:

  • The Luma Knowledge hub, which provides a common tool to correlate and access information federated across the enterprise;
  • A common semantic pathway to all enterprise knowledge;
  • Natural language processing thatautomatically extracts topics and pulls text from complex documents to auto-create FAQs;
  • Dynamic guided searchthat helps users access the right information, even when they don't know exactly what to ask not what is in the knowledge base;
  • Automated learning that leverages machine learning to auto-tune retrievals and identify missing content or other related issues;
  • Knowledge Building, for identifying needs, obtaining existing knowledge, and serving up the right knowledge quickly;
  • Knowledge Sharing, for federating across multiple knowledge bases, semantic searches, and guiding requests and proactively providing knowledge when needed;
  • Knowledge Discovery, for proactively discovering knowledge both inside an organization and from external sources;
  • Knowledge Improvement, for continuous monitoring of knowledge and feedback to provide recommendations for needed knowledge, correcting knowledge and searches, and retiring unused knowledge; and
  • Knowledge Foundation, for sourcing, storing, classifying, and searching for knowledge.

"Serviceaide's mission is to be at the forefront of leveraging intelligent digital labor to deliver great user experiences, reduce service costs, and enable true 24x7 self-service," said Bill Guinn, chief technology officer at Serviceaide, in a statement. "Our recent launch of Luma Virtual Agent 2.X sets the stage for closer integration between our virtual agent, Luma Knowledge, and new automation capabilities to be launched later this year. This integration will result in exciting new levels of intelligent digital service and support."

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