• October 7, 2020

Sendbird Launches Supergroup Channel

Sendbird, a provider of chat, voice, and video technologies for mobile and web applications, has launched Supergroup Channels, enabling up to 20,000 users to engage in real-time private group chats. The company also introduced Dynamic Partitioning for open channels and Advanced Analytics, which analyzes user behavior and provides detailed insights into channels and messages within the Sendbird application.

"Scale has been one of the biggest issues hindering new applications for chat and messaging, and we are thrilled to remove this barrier, particularly in the current environment where large in-person gatherings are limited at best," said Sendbird CEO and founder John Kim in a statement. "Supergroup Channel is the perfect feature for our brave new world, and we are excited to see how communities leverage it."

Supergroups support standard group chat features, including sending and receiving messages between members, sharing media or file messages, indicating online presence, displaying the last message sent or received, and counting unread messages up to 100. Additionally, Supergroup channel management capabilities allow for freezing the channel, banning or muting users, and protecting groups from spam.

Sendbird also includes push notification with Smart push for use at Supergroup scale. These notifications keep users active or bring them back into conversations.

Supergroups further extend Sendbird's Announcements API to market or convey information to exceptionally large groups at one time. Paired together, Supergroups and Announcements offer a toolkit for engaging with and marketing to large audiences, be it a community, a live stream, or a remote workforce.

In addition to Supergroups, Sendbird announced Dynamic Partitioning for open channels. Dynamic Partitioning can dynamically split large open channel group chats into virtual groups of smaller sizes.

Sendbird also introduced Advanced Analytics (AA), which depicts user behavior through metrics such as number of messages, messages per user, new users, deleted users, deactivated users, new channels, active channels, message senders, and message viewers.

"Because Sendbird was built to support embedded chat at industry-first levels of scale, we are well positioned to continue driving the industry forward," Kim said. "No one can compete with Sendbird's ability to persistently provide compelling new chat experiences and opportunities to forge connections. Nor can they offer the same level of insights into user behavior."

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