• October 15, 2018

Semcasting Launches the Attributor

Semcasting, creators of the patented IP targeting technology Smart Zones, has released a self-serve, omnichannel, deterministic attribution platform, The Attributor, which allows marketers to treat attribution as an audience verification and measurement metric, similar to viewability or fraud detection. With The Attributor, marketers can evaluate results, optimize campaign targeting, and deterministically measure outcomes.

The Attributor matches all buyers across audience and marketing channels. It uses Semcasting's patented IP, location, and device-matching technology to derive a privacy-safe ID for every buyer, location, and impression. The Attributor uses this common ID to establish a link that cuts across direct mail, in-store traffic, connected TV, email, display, search, and social to measure performance. The Attributor can stack up to five tactics in a single study to measure the advertising impact and return on investment (ROI) of each prospect audience segment across an omnichannel campaign.

Marketers can pull daily or weekly attribution reports from ad servers, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, in-store visits, website server logs, and industry-specific transaction data.

"For too long, attribution has been treated as a consulting business, which has made it cost-prohibitive for many campaigns and most advertisers," said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting, in a statement. "We believe as marketing increasingly goes omnichannel, marketers need transparency into the performance of an audience in each marketing channel. The Attributor makes that possible by unifying marketing tactics around a common ID and turning attribution into in an easy-to-use self-service measurement tool."

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