• September 26, 2019

Selleration Introduces Virtual Reality Boardroom for B2B Sellers

Selleration has enhanced its cloud-based, immersive Sales Readiness platform with a virtual reality application enabling sales professionals to experience and develop skills in a business-to-business boardroom setting.

In a study by the National Training Laboratory, retention rates for lecture style learning were at 5 percent and reading rates were 10 percent with standard PowerPoint presentationss. Virtual reality learning was measured at a retention rate of 75 percent in the study.

"Immersive learning and delivering engaging developmental experiences for the sales professional is exactly where Selleration wants to provide value," said Nick Rini, Selleration's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "Hearing, seeing, and doing with Selleration's VR experience will set your team up for successful learning. Simultaneously, sales leaders can gain data-driven insights to their people that can drive further investment and enable them to make better decisions, another major focus for our team."

Selleration also broadened its UPtick Sales Performance platform to include virtual reality experiential sales training, now focused on the boardroom or office setting. Placing the sales rep in a virtual boardroom using OCULUS GO and Selleration's UPtick Sales Readiness platform, the participant is presented with an opportunity to frame and verbalize a basic one-minute elevator pitch. The UPtick system documents the sales rep's performance and then algorithms score the performance, based on language used, keywords, and effectiveness of approach.

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