• November 30, 2015

Searchub Launches E-Commerce Platform

Searchub has launched the Searchub.com e-commerce platform that uses machine learning algorithms to offer users a truly personalized shopping experience.

Searchub connects retailers with customers through the power of recommendation and big data. It personalizes results based on users' tastes, friends, and style, as determined by their social profiles, machine learning algorithms, and shopping behavior. Users can customize their own product feeds for the brands and products they like, upload products from other Web sites, and create price alerts.

"Our engine uses high-level aggregate data about our users to match them with the products they really want," said Mohamed Bennani, co-founder of Searchub, in a statement. "If you like Kim Kardashian or red pumps, that data suggests you're also likely to like a certain type of products and brands. If not, then our machine learning powered engine will remember this for your next search."

The Searchub shopping index contains more than 300 million products across 10,000 stores, including Amazon, Revolve clothing, Macy's as well as a range of up and coming independent boutiques and designers. The platform helps users compare prices, coupons and tax information. Powerful integrated tools and graphs visualize the pros and cons of products.

Searchub provides users with the tfollowing graphs to make informed buying decisions:

  • Quality graph: This tracks the product quality over time. The quality rating algorithm uses data on how other users rate this product over time.
  • Buzz graph: This tracks how this product being talked about over time. The buzz graph algorithm documents social interactions about specific products.
  • Price graph: This tracks price history over time, allowing users to buy when the time is right. Users can follow other users and see what products they are interested in. To avoid last-minute shopping users can save products to shopping lists for special events like birthdays or Christmas.

"Small businesses are becoming technology-savvy, and pretty much all of them are getting e-commerce Web sites," said Ali Benmoussa, co-founder and CEO of Searchub, in a statement. "Our research shows that most small businesses prefer to list their inventory on Searchub rather than in Amazon or eBay because they get to keep their customers and increase recurring revenue."

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