• February 24, 2021

Searchspring Launches Geographic Merchandising

Searchspring, a site search and merchandising technology and services provider, today launched Geographic Merchandising, enabling online retailers todisplay content based on shoppers' geographic locations, local needs, and purchasing intentions.

"This new integration further validates our commitment to give retailers superpowers by delivering a personalized shopping experience at every touchpoint," said Searchspring's vice president of product, Ten Chu, in a statement. "In today's highly competitive e-commerce market, providing relevant results using search and merchandising tools has become paramount to capitalizing on the seismic shift in shopping behavior."

Searchspring's Geographic Merchandising enables the following:

  • Targeting particular segments of customers by setting up rules;
  • Personalizing promotional efforts to match the specific interests and needs of customers by province, state, or country;
  • Highlighting seasonal products and promotions based on geographical footprint;
  • Presenting hyperrelevant search results by identifying lifestyle and interests of regional customers;
  • Building curated and intentional campaigns that target products or services of a specific geographical area;
  • Localizing banners to personalize and streamline shipping options; and
  • Using Searchspring's advanced features with Geographic Merchandising to create relevant and streamlined shopping experiences.

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