• August 19, 2021

SambaTV and Lucid Partner on TV Ad Measurement

Samba TV, a provider of omniscreen advertising and analytics, has partnered with Lucid, a programmatic research technology platform provider, for insight into advertising effectiveness across devices.

Leveraging Samba TV's identity resolution solutions and identifier, SambaID, Lucid customers can assess their brand lift and ad performance with TV data by surveying mobile and desktop users for feedback about ads they've seen on their TVs. The combined offering brings together Samba TV's first-party data set, identity resolution solutions, and SambaID and Lucid's ad efficacy measuring tools.

Leveraging Samba TV's technology, integrated at the chipset level across 24 Smart TV brands globally, content that appears on the TV screen, including TV shows, commercials, movies, and video games, is indexed. With a global addressable footprint of 46 million devices, Samba TV enables advertisers, TV networks, and publishers to discover their TV audiences, amplify their marketing message across screens, and quantify the impact of their advertising.

Backed by the Lucid Marketplace, Lucid measurement technology uses a survey-based approach to gather insights from people who have been exposed to advertising campaigns to help marketers understand how exposure to an ad impacts attitudes and opinions about a brand across platforms.

"The deprecation of digital identifiers has shaken the digital advertising industry to its core and has impacted many brands' approach to advertising measurement," said Chris Squire, senior vice president and head of data products at Samba TV, in a statement. "Our partnership with Lucid offers global brands a solution by utilizing Samba TV's extensive first-party data and proprietary identity resolution solutions and SambaID to accurately and quickly gauge ad effectiveness."

"Partnering with Samba TV offers our customers a cross-device view into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns," said Bridget Bidlack, senior vice president of product at Lucid, in a statement. "The combination of Lucid's industry-leading scale and measurement capabilities with Samba TV's comprehensive first-party data set and identity solution is a must-have for any brand serious about optimizing ROI."

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