• April 19, 2022

Salesloft Introduces Forecast

Salesloft, a sales engagement platform provider, today launched Forecast as part of its Modern Revenue Workspace.

Forecast uses real time data and multiple forecasting techniques to help sales leaders see where their teams are trending and identify missed opportunities in the pipeline by analyzing dozens and dozens of deal factors. Deal-level engagement data helps sales leaders drill down into at-risk deals and take action by assigning follow ups, or adding deal notes, right from the Forecast workflow.

"Forecasting is a critical process for every revenue organization," said Ellie Fields, chief product officer of Salesloft, in a statement. "But when sellers use spreadsheets, there's a high risk of user error and acting on old data. Spreadsheets aren't scalable, are incredibly manual, ungoverned, and they only serve as a snapshot in time. There's no context to help sellers look ahead. Salesloft Forecast is an intelligent solution with strong data governance, so there's less room for errors. Sellers can take action from the same platform so those workflows aren't disparate anymore, and they can access an automatic roll-up of submissions. When it's easier to connect forecasts, it's easier to scale your business; that's what we're helping our customers accomplish with Forecast."

"The response to Forecast has been super-positive from both the managers and the reps when we shared it with them. They were immediately excited to get into it," said Dannielle Hokanson, director of sales enablement and business development at OneCause, in a statement. "We started the Forecast roll-out with managers first. They've begun incorporating it into their one-on-ones with their teams to talk through pipeline and all forecasting with their reps. Forecast has already proven to be very easy to use, and our team sees it as a very helpful feature."

Existing Salesloft customers with the Enterprise package can take advantage of these new capabilities today as part of the Salesloft Spring '22 release. This release includes dozens of other platform enhancements, including multi-language support for conversations and out-of-office detection.

With multi-language support, Salesloft can transcribe calls and meetings in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Out-of-office detection uses AI and machine learning to automatically recognize when a buyer is out of office and reschedules cadence steps for the day after the buyer returns.

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