• December 14, 2021

Salesloft Adds Buyer Sentiment and Intent to the Modern Revenue Workspace

Salesloft, provider of a sales engagement platform, has added email capabilities and enhanced integrated workflows to the Modern Revenue Workspace.

Among the new features are the following:

  • Email Sentiment, using machine learning based on B2B sales email replies to identify buying intent. Users can measure the level of email personalization that optimizes positive reply rates, determine which templates and snippets are generating the most positive replies, and uncover the objections sellers are running into the most to coach them.
  • Email Optimizer, a Gmail extension that helps sellers craft the perfect email. With the click of a button, sales reps can analyze the body and subject lines of their emails; artificial intelligence analyzes emails and subject lines to surface actionable recommendations for email tone, content, and structure.
  • Add to Cadence from Deals allows sales reps who have a stalled deal to cycle that prospect back into a Cadence, where the prospect could be further nurtured by the seller or their SDR.
  • Add Suggested Stakeholders will auto-suggest people to add to an account executive's deal that an SDR has already prospected.

"By surfacing AI-driven insights in the workflow, our customers can prospect with the right message and easily add stakeholders to buyer groups," said Ellie Fields, chief product officer of Salesloft, in a statement. "Buyer sentiment helps sales teams connect the dots between messaging and positive replies. This also helps sellers identify objections at a glance so they can address them quickly. Sellers can adjust sentiment according to their read of the situation, and managers get the data they need to close more deals."

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