• August 1, 2016

Salesbox CRM Partners with AppDirect

Salesbox CRM is joining AppDirect's global cloud service commerce ecosystem. By integrating into AppDirect's network, Salesbox CRM can distribute its services to end business users around the world through AppDirect's service provider, independent software vendor, and value-added reseller partners.

The AppDirect cloud service commerce platform unites providers, developers, and consumers of cloud services into a single ecosystem. The platform allows businesses to find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location and delivers new opportunities to distribute, sell, and market cloud services.

"We are really proud to partner with AppDirect and see our integration as a key way of distributing our software. Our integration with AppDirect will make it easier and faster for us to connect to more resellers worldwide," said Andreas Lalangas, CEO of Salesbox CRM, in a statement.

"We're excited to bring Salesbox CRM into the AppDirect ecosystem," said Paul Arnautoff, director of business development at AppDirect, in a statement. "Salesbox CRM brings a unique set of services to end business users, and with our reach to over 30 million business around the world, we're looking forward to helping Salesbox CRM build a powerful distribution and monetization channel."

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